How can I make sure that the OnVu™ temperature monitor stays darker than the reference color right up until the “use by” or “best before” date?

Products should be out of a refrigerator or freezer as briefly as possible. Carry chilled and frozen food home in cool bags and then immediately put them into the refrigerator or freezer. Inside the refrigerator, make sure to place them on the appropriate shelf: meat products at the bottom where it is colder, and dairy products on top. This way your food will stay fresh and safe to eat until the “best before” date and the OnVu™ indicator will stay darker than the reference color. Brief interruptions of the refrigeration are impossible to avoid but are not a problem. For example, when you take a product out of a refrigerated display case in the supermarket, place it in your shopping cart, and then carry it out to your car.

The indicator is already lighter than the reference color. Will it turn dark-blue again when I put the product back in the freezer or refrigerator?

No. OnVu™ is an irreversible indicator. If the color has faded lighter than the reference color, the product should not be consumed as the chill chain has been interrupted in a way that the product has reached its shelflife.

Why is the indicator on my food already lighter than the reference color although the “best before” hasn’t been reached yet?

Refrigeration has been breached. Please follow the recommendations above.

The indicator is the same color as the reference color. Can I still eat the food?

Yes – it is only when the indicator is lighter than the reference color that it is not advisable to consume the food. If it is the same color, you should eat the food right away.

Is it possible to tamper the OnVu™ system, in other words to color an expired label blue again?

No, we have designed the OnVu™ indicator so it is tamper proof. As soon as the indicator has been applied to a food product, it can no longer be influenced.