Won’t consumers always choose the foods in the store that have the darkest OnVu™ logos?

The OnVu™ indicators are charged in the factory at about the same time for a lot of products, so their colors will be very similar in the store. In contrast to the “best before” date, consumers cannot tell which products have been in the freezer or refrigerated display area longest.

Do the labels change color immediately when a consumer carries food home without chilling it on the way?

OnVu™ mimics the time-temperature decay of the product that it is adhered to, thus it will never change immediately Like food products themselves, up to a certain point the OnVu™ indicator responds to temperature increases with a time lag.. However, if the interruption of the cold chain is especially long and/or significant, the active OnVu™ ink shows this. Independent studies by our partners have shown that when the color changes, the food has already been damaged to the point that it should no longer be consumed.

Will consumers return more foods because the color of the OnVu™ indicator turns too light before the “best before” date is reached?

Consumers are advised that OnVu™ is only intended to help them keep their personal cold chain intact after the point of sale. This helps them manage product freshness at home. In actual practice, returns by consumers did not increase during the first year after the OnVu™ system was introduced by our customer Kneuss.

I am afraid that OnVu™ will make any problems in the chill or frozen chain immediately visible on the shelf to everyone. Are there any risks involved with introducing it?

Our projects with food retailers and producers have shown that their cold chains more than fulfill the strict legal requirements. In almost all cases where a product spoils, it was the consumer who mistreated products and breached the cold chain. OnVu™ is therefore specifically intended to help your shoppers keep proper refrigeration of perishables at home.

We assure our customers that there is no risk with using OnVu™ . We do this by undergoing a due diligence trial period with our customers in which we discretely label products for only a few days. During this time we check and optimize the overall cold chain and inform grocery store staff. Only after this period will OnVu™ be implemented.